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Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about the services we offer at Sports & More Physical Therapy. We pride ourselves in delivering a unique, personal and customized approach to restoration of function to the highest level possible. We utilize licensed physical therapists to provide individualized treatment plans based upon a comprehensive evaluation which takes into account the total well-being of our patients.

  • One-On-One Care
  • Evidenced Based
  • Same Therapist Every Visit
  • Functional Outcomes
  • Identify Root Causes
  • Commitment to Service

Special Services

Biomechanical Assessment

The biomechanical assessment involves identifying and treating the root causes of your symptoms instead of just treating symptoms alone.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a soft tissue manual therapy technique using tiny sterile filament needles in conjunction with muscle re-education techniques to restore optimal movement.

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic physical therapists get in the water with our patients in the same one-on-one model utilizing manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of the water.

Women’s/Pelvic Health

We have physical therapists who specialize in women’s health issues which Include but are not limited to treatment of pelvic floor issues, pre and post partum, urinary incontinence.


Physical therapists with specialty in this area utilize manual therapy to address muscle imbalances, joint alignment and often work with other healthcare professionals to achieve effective patient outcomes.

Back/SI Joint

Back and SI joint pain is one of the most common complaints that we see. A biomechanical assessment is essential in identifying all the contributing factors that are causing symptoms.

Post Concussion Vestibular Rehab

This specialized area of care is one of most recent and exciting within physical therapy. Essential to the success of this program is a multidisciplinary approach which includes the trained physical therapist and appropriate medical personnel.

Total Joint/Post Surgical

“Pre-hab” to optimally prepare the patient for an upcoming surgery is equally important to the timely post-surgical intervention.

Sports Injury

As our name implies, sports is a big component of our practice. Treating athletes of all sports, ages and levels and returning them to a higher than pre-injured state is our goal. Our passion is to return all individuals to their activity of choice resulting in improved quality of life.

Our Locations

We have two locations in The Triangle to better serve you!

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